Automating a Haas CNC machine

Haas Automation has a wide range of CNC machines in its range. This includes 3-axis milling machines, 5-axis milling machines and lathes with one main spindle or a double spindle. In practice, CNC machines from Haas Automation can therefore be found in a wide audience. To get the best return from your Haas machine, we recommend automation. Cellro can automate Haas’s entire product range.

In which industries are Haas CNC machines used?

CNC machines from Haas Automation are used in a wide range of industries. Most of these are jobbers or suppliers. Haas machines are most commonly used for materials that are simple to machine, i.e. light materials such as plastic or aluminium. The equipment experiences less wear and tear when machining these materials and can therefore be used for production over a longer period of time. A Haas machine in combination with an automation solution is often used for smaller products or medium-sized series. This is an interesting option for jobbers, because they work by definition on a manufacturer’s behalf and do not build up any (or, if so, only very few) stocks themselves.

Extending production time with Xcelerate

Investing in combining a Haas CNC machine with an Xcelerate X10 or X20 pays off quickly. It is possible to produce for approximately 20 to 50 percent more spindle hours per week, because Xcelerate is fully automated and therefore unmanned. During the day, the machine operator can carry out other activities during smaller series or productions with short lead times, for example with another machine. In the evening and at weekends, Haas’s CNC machine can also produce pieces for a considerable number of hours. These extra production hours are essential to get the most out of your Haas. By using an automation solution, the total investment (i.e. CNC machine plus loading robot) is recouped much faster than a Haas without an automation solution. Consequently, results are achieved much faster and much cheaper than is generally imagined.

Optimise your production process

When automating a Haas, the smart design of your production process is very important. Which series are completed in the morning and in the afternoon? For which series can Xcelerate best be used? And which series is planned at the end of the day, so that Xcelerate can continue production unmanned for as long as possible? In that case, it would be best to schedule a production series with the longest duration for the end of the day. Smaller series can best be done during the day, as it means there will always be an employee present to prepare the machines in between each series.

How does automating a Haas CNC machine work?

The machine coupling on a Haas machine is run via an I/O interface. This means that we work purely with input and output signals. The loading robot and the CNC machine work together by means of simple signals. An automatic door is required to automate a Haas machine. For 3-axis milling machines, Cellro can also control the clamp. All that remains to be done is to start and stop the machine. This action can be performed via the I/O interface. Furthermore, a zero point tensioning system is an advantage, as it facilitates the loading robot’s repeat accuracy. Haas CNC machines are ideal to combine with Xcelerate as an automation solution. With its large storage capacity, Elevate can be a solution when large-scale productions of the same product need to be done in series.

It is best to automate a Haas machine when the model is new. Do you have an older Haas model that you want to automate? Please feel free to contact one of our experts and ask about the possibilities.

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