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Automating an Alzmetall machine

Alzmetall is a specialised machine manufacturer from Germany focusing mainly on niche markets. Communication lines at Alzmetall are short, allowing the various disciplines to work together well. That makes the move to automation easy. Cellro provides the right solution, namely Xcelerate or Elevate.

Easy automation of an Alzmetall machine with Xcelerate or Elevate

Alzmetall supplies two ranges of milling machines, the GS and GX series. These are 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling machines. The GX series can be considered an expanded version of the GS series. Both Xcelerate and Elevate are suitable as automation solutions for Alzmetall milling machines. More and more often, Alzmetall machines are automated from the start. Even if this is only done later when the Alzmetall machine is already installed at a company, the automation process is simple. Retrofitting for machine automation is not a problem.

Cellro can help you automate both GS and GX series milling machines. The main difference between the various Alzmetall machines is the turntable size: the higher the number, the larger the turntable. The GS600 and GS800 are prime examples of Alzmetall milling machines that can be easily automated using Xcelerate. Elevate will work with these as well. Elevate is also a suitable automation solution for larger Alzmetall machines.

Benefits of automating an Alzmetall machine

What makes Alzmetall machines special is their box-in-box system. This gives them a very sturdy frame, with the slides on the inside. In between is a gantry that moves over the table. This table can turn as well. Due to this system, Alzmetall machines are best loaded from the front. Cellro loading robots are an excellent fit.

Alzmetall machines are used primarily for metals that are difficult to machine, such as Inconel and Hastelloy. Applications can be found in the aerospace industry, for example. Automation allows larger items to be machined in the daytime and series of smaller items to be produced unmanned at night.

Would you like to know more about automating Alzmetall machines?

Are you interested in automating your Alzmetall machine, or would you like to learn more about our automation solutions? Please feel free to contact one of our experts. We will be glad to offer you tailored advice.

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