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Automating a Goodway

Goodway is one of Taiwan’s largest manufacturers of CNC machines. The company is known for its wide range: from multi-axis to vertical and horizontal lathes. Goodway’s machines can therefore be found worldwide. These CNC machines are used for numerous purposes. For example, they can be used to manufacture medical components or to make parts for Formula 1 cars. These CNC machines are also often used in the aerospace sector. Would you like to run your Goodway machine for even more productive hours? This is possible by automating it with Xcelerate from Cellro.

The link between Cellro and Goodway

Goodway has a wide range of CNC machines. Which of these are interesting for automation? These are in particular the horizontal lathes of the GLS series. With these dynamic machines you can produce small, high-division articles. Cellro specializes in automating such production processes. Xcelerate X10 is the perfect match for GLS lathes. Xcelerate X20 is a good option if you need more capacity. The same applies to Elevate. The link between Goodway’s CNC machine and Xcelerate or Elevate is simple. Goodway machines are standard equipped with an interface that allows connection to a robot.

More productive hours with Xcelerate and Elevate

Your production process is taken to the next level by automating it. With the help of Xcelerate or Elevate your Goodway machine can also run production in the evenings and weekends. These unmanned hours contribute to a higher production. These longer runs are not reserved for one machine. For example, you can easily connect Xcelerate to different CNC machines. The Cellro robot is moved within fifteen minutes and connected to another machine (regardless of the type or CNC brand). This flexibility allows you to organize your production process optimally. Current customers see their efficiency increase by up to 100%!

This brand is particularly suitable for Xcelerate or Elevate, but we want to keep the door open for other products.

Also automate your Goodway? We like to give personal advice!

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