Automating a Hedelius machine

Hedelius is a German machine manufacturer whose range has included milling machines from day one. Nowadays, Hedelius offers both large machines such as the Tilenta range as well as smaller 5-axis milling machines in the ACURA range. These milling machines are perfect for automation with Xcelerate by Cellro. Elevate can also be used as a robot loading system for a Hedelius.

Automating with Xcelerate or Elevate

The milling benches in the Tilenta range by Hedelius can be loaded by a robot loading system in two positions. Elevate allows you to automate the loading of both positions. What’s more, Elevate can process even larger products when unmanned. Xcelerate also makes it possible to load one of both positions. This has the benefit of the machine being loaded on one side, while products can also be placed on the machine’s second position manually at the same time. You therefore have a range of options for automating a Hedelius. The most suitable option for you depends on the size of the product and range you have to machine. As well as the larger Hedelius milling machines, Cellro also automates Hedelius 3-axis and 5-axis milling benches.

Automate the machining of a range of products

The Hedelius milling machines can therefore be used to process products in various sizes. Even long products can be clamped, albeit manually. These relatively difficult products are often machined during the day, as a specialist has to be present when this is happening. After, the machine continues to run series work unmanned in the evening and at night with the help of Xcelerate or Elevate. In short, Hedelius CNC machines are often used for a combination of products. Because the machine is so versatile, Hedelius CNC machines are often used by suppliers, as their production is often unpredictable.

Automation conditions

These machines must have a zero-point clamping system and table transfer before they can be automated, like all 5-axis milling machines. The compressed air needed to open and close the machine vice has to come through the table. The doors also have to be, or become, automated. When it comes to large Hedelius milling benches, both doors can be automated with a single gear drive. When this is done, both positions in the machine can be loaded. You can also opt to automate only one door if you want to load just one position.

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