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Automating an Okuma CNC machine

Okuma is a CNC brand from Japan. Okuma CNC machines are primarily employed in mechanical engineering applications. That means Okuma CNC machines are often used with materials that are difficult to machine and in conjunction with relatively complex products. Okuma’s product range includes various milling machines, lathes and grinders. Okuma CNC machines are known for their precision, stability and capacity for extended production. This does, however, require the Okuma machine’s logistics processes to be automated. Cellro’s flexible loading robots make this possible.

24/7 production with your Okuma CNC machine

Okuma CNC machines are suitable for various applications. Customers who opt for Okuma CNC machines frequently machine their own products. They also have high expectations of the machine’s milling, lathing and grinding capabilities, as the materials used can often be difficult to machine. Automation enables your Okuma machine to run smoothly, 24 hours a day. The loading robots take care of loading and unloading the Okuma CNC machine. This continuous production process quickly achieves a high ROI both for the loading robot and the CNC machine.

Large storage capacity with Xcelerate and Elevate

Virtually all Okuma CNC machines can be automated using Cellro’s loading robots, Xcelerate and Elevate. Xcelerate provides extensive storage space thanks to the four drawers. If you require even more storage, Elevate is the best solution. Cellro frequently automates Okuma machining centres in particular, which combine lathing and milling capabilities. These are effectively lathes with added milling components. Cellro also regularly automates 5-axis milling machines.

Easy machine coupling

Automation of an Okuma CNC machine is relatively simple. Despite the fact that Okuma uses its own control system, Cellro’s loading robots are suited to easily link with Okuma CNC machines. As well as standard input and output signals, the Okuma machine’s interface enables bidirectional data transfer between the robot and the machine.

Interested in automating an Okuma as well? We will be glad to offer you tailor-made advice.

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