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Automation of an Overbeck

Overbeck is a brand that produces grinding machines and lathes. Overbeck is part of Danobat, but still carries its own brand name. Cellro is mainly involved in automating Overbeck grinding machines. In general, this involves product handling with very small products. Usually these are semi-finished products, products that have already been processed on a milling machine or lathe, which are put into the grinding machine for finishing. This operation must usually be very precise, very smooth or a combination of both. With Xcelerate, Cellro has an automation solution that meets these requirements.

Which Overbeck grinding machines does Cellro automate?

Overbeck has several grinding machines in its range. Cellro has the most experience in automating Overbeck internal and external cylindrical grinding machines. Automating a grinding machine generally works the same way as automating a lathe. The grinding machines are often loaded from the front, which requires an automatic door. Cellro automates grinding machines that are used for smaller series (i.e. not millions of items) for various products. High mix, low volume: that’s our strength.

Overbeck automates with high precision

The biggest challenge when automating an Overbeck is to get the semi-finished product into the grinding machine effectively. The smaller a product, the more difficult the product handling. High precision is essential. This is possible with Xcelerate. Any random inlay can be set on Xcelerate. A suitable robot gripper is also needed for this. The robot gripper’s fingers, and if necessary the robot gripper itself, can be adjusted for an optimal process. So, the loading robot can position the products in the machine in such a way that the required support is in fact achieved.

Easy automation with Xcelerate’s flexibility

Previously, grinding machines were often procured to grind a large series of one specific product. However, in recent times, more and more products are being processed with grinding machines. Flexibility of the automation solution is essential in this case. This is an Xcelerate core feature. Cellro specialises in smooth switches between products during processing. The secret to this flexibility is inlay configuration and customisation of the robot gripper fingers. It’s possible to make a robot gripper and/or gripper fingers fully adapted to our customer’s product, so the product handling is as effective and smooth as possible.

Interested in automating an Overbeck as well? We’ll gladly offer you tailored advice!


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