Automating a YCM

Yeong Chin Machinery Industries, or short reference YCM , is Taiwan’s largest machine manufacturer. The company is known for its good value for money and produces, among other machines, 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines, lathes and horizontal and vertical machining centres. Cellro is able to offer a flexible automation solution for these equally flexible CNC machines. With our universal robotic loading systems Xcelerate and Elevate, a suitable automation for every machinist using YCM can be accomplished.

High-mix, low-volume

YCM machines are very flexible in their automation capabilities. Through standardization of the YMC Interface, almost all automation possibilities can be implemented. Most of the modifications required to make it a success can be carried out. For example, each series and product size can be automatically processed with YCM. Cellro’s specialty ‘high-mix, low-volume’ can therefore be perfectly combined with a YCM.

Automating with high accuracy

YCM machines are known for their high accuracy. It is not for nothing that the machines are widely used for production of parts for the medical industry, automotive, aerospace and Formula 1. The accuracy and quality that you are used to from your YCM CNC machine, you want to keep when you switch to automation. Cellro is a specialist in product handling. This ensures flawless communication between robot and machine at all times. With Cellro’s easy to use HMI control software, you enter the correct product data, so the robot knows which products need to be loaded. Furthermore, Xcelerate and Elevate are equipped with grippers and matching fingers. These can be easily self-constructed, so they always fit to your products. It is also possible to automatically switch between grippers, so that different types of products can be automatically loaded one after the other.

Increase your production output with automation

Cellro has experience in YCM from the NFP series Automation. Practical experience has shown that the production output could be tripled by using Xcelerate 24/7.

Efficient use of floor space

YCM considers it is  important that their machines occupy as little floor space as possible. This requires also an compact automation solution. Would you like to automate your YCM machine without it costing  a large part of the space in your factory hall? Then a Cellro-robot offers the perfect solution. Xcelerate and Elevate are known for the small floor space in combination with a large storage capacity. So there is enough space to automatically load and unload your YCM machine.

Would you like to automate your YCM machine as well?

Do you have a YCM CNC machine and would you like to automate it? Please contact us for free advice. Even if you already have a YCM machine in your production line, it is possible to connect it to a robot loading system from Cellro.

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