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Automating a Makino machine

Makino is a Japanese machine manufacturer specialising in machine design and digital innovation. The company supplies many different CNC machines, but they are best known for their milling machines. Almost all Makino CNC machines can be automated using Cellro’s standard robots. This can be done using either Xcelerate or Elevate. The dimensions of the Makino machines make this relatively easy, so there are lots of automation options.

24/7 production with an automated Makino

A frequent choice is to combine the Makino machine with an additional turntable or pallet changer This means new workpieces can be loaded during milling using Xcelerate or Elevate. When a batch is done, the Makino machine can continue production uninterrupted. The loading robot can also continuously load and unload workpieces. This allows for full-on production, 24/7.

Normally the CNC machine stops briefly for reloading. First the machine comes to a halt, then the spindle moves up or back and a door opens. Then the loading robot goes in, removes an item and places a new one. Sometimes the item also needs to be blown clean. Altogether this can cost a good thirty seconds, even though the Makino is capable of continuous production. That’s because the robot can load new items in less time than the Makino needs for machining. There is always a batch of new items on the other side of the turntable, ready and waiting to be machined. That way production can continue uninterrupted.

Makino machines are versatile. We often encounter Makino machines at customers who machine their own products, with high expectations of the machine when it comes to milling. By combining continuous production and automation, your automation solution quickly gives you a high ROI.

Automating with Xcelerate or Elevate

Xcelerate can be used with the Makino D300, for example – a 5-axis milling machine. Xcelerate’s robot handling capacity is 10-12 kg. This can even be increased to 20 or 35 kg. Xcelerate can also be expanded with Fixture Exchange for more flexibility. Furthermore, Xcelerate provides very generous storage space with four trays. Each tray can hold up to 200 kg of workpieces. If this is sufficient, we always recommend Xcelerate. If not, Elevate is the solution for you. For example, the Elevate loading robot is suitable for the Makino A series, including the Makino A61. The Makino A51 can work with either Elevate or Xcelerate.

Want to automate your Makino CNC machine?

Generally speaking, Makino CNC machines are easily automated. Besides, Cellro has years of experience in the automation of various machines. Are you interested in automating your Makino? Please contact us, we’re happy to help.

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