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Automation of a Doosan

Doosan is a wide-ranging machine brand that supplies both lathes and milling benches. Would you like to make more effective use of your Doosan? This can be done. Doosan machines can be automated by loading them from the front with a loading robot. Xcelerate is the ideal loading robot for use with all manner of Doosan machines.

Which Doosan machines can Cellro automate?

Doosan is a reliable partner and has installed over 30,000 machines worldwide. The company offers different machine series, including the Lynx, Puma, DNM and Mynx series. Cellro has broad experience in automating Doosan CNC machines.

Cellro automates the following Doosan machines:

  • Lathes
  • Multitasking machines
  • 3-axis milling machines
  • 4-axis horizontal milling machines
  • Five-axis milling machine

Xcelerate’s advantages in automating a Doosan

Xcelerate’s versatility makes it possible to process small to medium-sized batches. Xcelerate is extremely reliable, and the simple software allows our customers to work more efficiently from day one. Xcelerate can help you get your Doosan to function optimally. Xcelerate can increase production by up to 20% (during manned hours), and production can continue unmanned during the night. Would you like to know by what percentage your production output can grow with Cellro’s Xcelerate? Please feel free to contact  one of our experts.

Xcelerate can handle products of any shape. Shape doesn’t matter to the Xcelerate robot gripper. The robot gripper can be adjusted to suit your requirements for everything from squares or bars to round or undefined shapes. The key to this is the freedom of configuration of the fingers and the inlays.

The software is configured so that the loading robot can easily be set up via touchscreen. The smart software makes it possible to add new modules. Does your new module require a different inlay or fingers? This is simple to adjust. You control this process, giving you the flexibility to adjust the automation to suit your own production process. It is also possible to update existing modules in some cases.

Want to find out more?

Would you also like to learn how to make more efficient use of your Doosan? Please contact us.

Interested in automating a Doosan as well? We will be glad to offer you tailor-made advice.

Xcelerate automates among others these CNC Machines:

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