Matsuura CNC machine met Cellro Xcelerate

Matsuura automation

Considering automating your Matsuura with a loading robot? Xcelerate from Cellro is the right solution for you, whether it is a new or existing machine. Cellro can automate 3-, 4-, and 5-axis Matsuura milling machines, so you can operate more spindle hours and generate greater output. Cellro has combined various products with the Matsuura MX machine series, such as the MX520 and MX850.

Xcelerate can be combined with all sorts of Matsuura machines and process small to medium-sized batches unmanned.¬†Current Xcelerate users¬†commend its user friendliness and flexibility. The machines operate together flawlessly thanks to effective collaboration between Matsuura and Cellro. You can even use Xcelerate with no staff present. The Matsuura can keep working thanks to Cellro’s robotised loading system.

Cellro automates the following Matsuura machines:

  • 3-axis milling machines
  • 4-axis horizontal milling machines
  • 5-axis milling machine

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Xcelerate automates among others these CNC Machines:

They already opt for CNC automation with Xcelerate: