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Xcelerate is designed to load a single machine with workpieces in an automatic process. From lathes to milling machines and from grinding machines to measuring machines; Xcelerate ensures that production series are finished automatically. The automatic loading system can be linked to both new and existing CNC machines. Even to multiple machines but not at the same time. This makes unmanned production possible for a wide range of machines. This allows you to concentrate on the more challenging work during your working hours. Of course, Xcelerate can also run unmanned series after working hours.

Curious which configuration of Xcelerate fits best in your production? Then request your personal login details and configure your own Xcelerate. After going through the configurator you will receive the corresponding budget quote. This product configurator supports the Xcelerate X10 and Xcelerate X20 models with a maximum robot handling weight of up to 35 kg.

What customers say about Xcelerate:

We chose Xcelerate because of the compactness of the system and the simple operation.

Xcelerate has three appearances. The three types differ in storage capacity and robot handling weight. Xcelerate X10 and Xcelerate X20 are compact models that are suitable for handy products with a robot handling weight up to 12 kg and 35 kg respectively. Do you have workpieces which, in combination with the gripper, have a weight within this range? Then Xcelerate X20 is most suitable for you. For lighter products, Xcelerate X10 is sufficient. Machining companies that work with larger and/or heavier products or need a larger storage capacity can best choose Xcelerate X60. Where Xcelerate X10 and X20 use drawers, Xcelerate X60 works with trays. This allows space to be created for more diverse product dimensions.

Are you looking for a solution for machining milling products in (very) small series, unmanned and fully machined? With the R-C2 function, gripping and clamping is carried out in one process step. The answer to the ultimate challenge of high-mix/low-volume. This innovation was developed in collaboration with GRESSEL AG, our experienced partner in clamping and gripping technology. With the function R-C2 | 6S, the robot cell is also equipped with a Cellro 6S turning station where a stable and process stable takeover is realized. The product is machined in the same clamping on all sides. In addition, the efficiency of the production increases.

Want to know more about Xcelerate or one of the other Cellro products? Please contact us or take a look at the product page.

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