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Automation with Ultimate at Bilfit

Bilfit AG is a Swiss company that specialises in machining, CNC turning and CNC milling. Bilfit’s clientele is mainly located in Germany. Bilfit produces many different types of products, especially in the field of general mechanical engineering in medical technology and the automotive industry. The latter concerns vehicle construction in motor sport. Bilfit uses various GF Mikron milling machines in its production process. Cellro’s Ultimate helps Bilfit with the automation of this process.

The ability to continue producing at night was an important reason for Bilfit to automate their production process. The machines deliver the most benefits at night and during weekends. There are no employees present at those times and they produce unmanned. The company can now produce multiple different orders simultaneously through the use of automation. This proved to be an important blow to the competition. Bilfit can complete in one week assignments for which other companies need months.

“I’ve seen several robot installations, but there’s none as user-friendly as Cellro’s on the market.”

Bilfit chose Cellro because of our specialisation in product handling. The fact that Cellro’s software could work together with the Heidenhain control system was also an important consideration for Bilfit. Bilfit works exclusively with Heidenhain control in 5-axis milling machines. The automation process became a lot easier because the company’s employees were already familiar with the control. Bilfit can work up hundreds of components without having to put pressure on them, because this is now done by Ultimate.

Are you also interested in automating your production process?

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