One Xcelerate for a lathe and a milling machine

DMF Dietvorst Machinefabriek, founded in 1957, produces mechanical components for a wide range of industries, from hydraulics and pneumatics to the offshore and pump industry. The company was looking for a single automation solution for both their lathe and their new milling machine. Danny Dietvorst, owner of the company, then joined Cellro. Dietvorst now makes optimal use of his machines due to the movability of Xcelerate.

Flexibility and movability: the choice for Xcelerate

For DMF Dietvorst Machinefabriek it was important that the robot could be connected to both the turning and milling bench. This way, the robot can be used optimally. Danny Dietvorst: “At competitors we noticed that the robot was either suitable for CNC milling, or for CNC turning. However, it had to be a mix of the two. We succeeded in this with Xcelerate! This broad application is made possible by the movability of Xcelerate. With a pump truck, the robot can be moved within 15 minutes. After that it is only a matter of connecting it to the turning or milling machine and the next set of jobs can be started.

More efficiency and more challenging work

The company mentions another advantage of Xcelerate: the automated production process has also made it possible to run at night. Certain series can now be produced 40-50 hours unmanned (at night or at the weekend). Previously, the products had to be loaded and unloaded manually. Now all that is needed is one hour of checking. This brings more peace and less work pressure. Technical professionals can be deployed for tasks where their skills are really used. Danny Dietvorst calls it a shame to let these professionals do simple production work. The automated production process also results in increased efficiency. Previously, the products had to be selected manually. In this process, a share was always lost. Because of Xcelerate this is a thing of the past. Do we have to produce an x number of products? Then so many are actually counted.

Get a handle on the business processes

Xcelerate is the first automation of DMF Dietvorst Machinefabriek. The company consciously took the time to introduce the robot properly in the production process. Danny: “It did take us to a higher level. You’re going to take a good look at your business processes”. Due to the automation, the company has started to digitize more, for example. Products and processes are now accurately recorded. This is essential for optimal operation of the automation, especially when certain activities return. The company also sees opportunities for automation of other products. Danny is glad to see that employees think along with this. “Then you notice that you are growing.”

Automation with Cellro

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