Modulerate at Posytec

Posytec is a production company based in Biglen, near Bern, Switzerland. They produce mechanical parts for various industries. These industries include everything from car and train technology to medical technology. The company transitioned towards automation so that their Matec machines are free throughout the day to produce small product runs. Limiting costs was also an important factor: an increasing number of clients are requesting information about production prices from abroad.

Cellro came to the attention of Posytec when an SMI reseller told them about Cellro. Posytec staff did some digging around online. They saw a lot of happy customers on YouTube and Google.

The major advantage of working this way is that machines can be kept free during the day to produce smaller product runs, and left to produce mass runs at night. Posytec run sizes vary from 1 to 400 pieces. 1,000 workpieces at night, 1 workpiece during the day.

‘I really like Modulerate: it’s easy to operate, and quick to set up. What’s more, we’ve had no issues in over six months.’

All of Posytec’s production is done by robots. Product planning has been simplified as they now have a lot more capacity. Operation is simple: set up 5 or more pieces, and the process is finished in 15 to 20 minutes. Modulerate controls work using images and are easy to operate and use.

Posytec can now offer series parts at attractive prices thanks to Modulerate, something they were unable to do in the past.