Stanztech takes big steps with Xcelerate X20 I R-C2

The family business Stanztech from Höchst (Austria) has been active in machining technology for many years. CFO Wayne Humpeler explains that the company specialises in the production of small and medium-sized series. “You have to think of series of 5 to a maximum of 200 pieces. It is very rare that we have to make larger batches of the same product.” The CFO is happy with the collaboration with Cellro. “We benefit greatly from the smart automation solutions they provide to us, and their expert advice and service are also extremely valuable to us as a manufacturing company.”

Various benefits

Machining technician and CNC milling machine operator Kevin Ade endorses Wayne’s words. “We are much more productive due to the use of Xcelerate X20 I R-C2 coupled to our GROB G350 machine. We can start an automation on one machine and when everything is in place we can go to another machine and mill other products there. We don’t have to clamp or unclamp every time. It’s just a matter of putting the product parts into Xcelerate X20 I R-C2 once and it does the work for us.” In addition to the significant increase in productivity, Kevin cites the easy operation of Cellro’s automation technology as a major benefit. “After commissioning, my colleagues and I had a short training course from Cellro. Once you’ve done the programming a few times, you know how it works. Because the setup is not complicated it invites you to make the best use of all the flexible applications of the automation.”

High repetition accuracy

With the flexible application possibilities of Xcelerate X20 I R-C2, the experienced CNC milling specialist from Stanztech refers in particular to the different sizes that can be used on different machines. “So we have several zero point clamping systems, which also makes it possible to change the clamps from one machine to another. This saves us costs. After all, we no longer have to buy different clamps and clamping elements.” Another important aspect Kevin mentions is the high repetition accuracy. “In this area, too, we have made great strides with the automation from Cellro. If everything is set up properly, we don’t have to worry about the consistent quality of our work and the accuracy of finishing and measuring. Thanks to the automation from Cellro, we at Stanztech now work even more efficiently, more accurately and above all more easily.”


Be inspired and informed

For more information about the cooperation between Cellro and Stanztech, watch this video. If you’re looking for the most suitable automation application for your company in machining technology, please contact us.