High capacity, fast, flexible and reliable production with Toolchanger

Toolchanger by Cellro makes it possible to optimise your tool capacity. Furthermore, Toolchanger guarantees reduced tool-changing time. Zuidberg Frontline Systems, based in Ens, uses Toolchanger as a tool magazine.

Zuidberg Frontline Systems

Zuidberg Frontline Systems is a family business and currently has more than 320 employees and sells products in more than 42 countries. The current director is Jeroen Zuidberg, son of the founder of the company, Henk Zuidberg. In 1982 he came up with the idea of making tractors more efficient. Together with his brother, front linkage systems were developed. The company now has three processing centres and three tool magazines for achieving production.

Importance of automation

Automation is important for Zuidberg Frontline Systems for two reasons. Firstly, on account of staffing costs and its efficiency. In addition to this, continuity and quality are extremely important. These two requirements of Zuidberg Frontline Systems can be fulfilled thanks to Toolchanger.


Zuidberg Frontline Systems has three CNC machines. A standard horizontal processing centre has one loading magazine. This is often supplied by the manufacturer of the CNC machine. These manufacturers mainly focus on the speed and accuracy of the machine itself. In so doing, the tool magazine is often overlooked. Because Zuidberg Frontline Systems had very specific requirements in relation to the tool magazine, they ended up opting for Cellro.

The end result

The company is extremely satisfied with the speed with which the tools are changed in the machine. This was an important point for them. In addition, the tool magazine provides a 30% upgrade compared with their other magazines. Toolchanger is able to hold 360 tools, while their other machines only contain 240 tools. Automatic tool changing has delivered an enormous time saving.