EMO Hannover 2023

Your next step in CNC-automation

Visit Cellro at the world’s leading trade fair for production technologies. Step into the future of CNC automation. A future where CNC automation and skilled operators work together, increasing efficiency and harnessing human potential like never before


18 – 23 September


Messegelände, D 30521 Hannover


Hall 14 | Stand F14


for the future of CNC automation 

Step through the 4 levels of Cellro’s roadmap at EMO Hannover. From robotisation to automation and from digitalisation to logistical integration. No matter at what level you are, take your next step in CNC automation with Cellro at EMO Hannover 2023.

Niveau 1


See C-Mate in action taking over simple and repetitive tasks from operators, such as gripping and part placement.

Niveau 2


Grow with unmanned CNC production with Xcelerate, Elevate or Ultimate. CNC automation solutions for high mix low volume production.

Niveau 3


Support daily tasks on the shop floor with digitalisation. Cellro Cell Control (C3) for managing your robotic cell and Manufacturing Intelligence for your entire CNC shopfloor.

Niveau 4

Logistical integration

Take a look into the future and see how AGV’s automate logistics and enable fully continuous and automated CNC production.

Highlights from Cellro at EMO Hannover 2023

Manufacturing intelligence [NEW]

Maintain control over multiple automated CNC machines. Get a glimpse of the Manufacturing Intelligence suite, available after EMO Hannover.

CNC-automation solutions

At both our own stand, and those of our partners, you see several CNC autoamtion systems in action, including C-Mate, Xcelerate, Elevate and Ultimate.

Job validation

Avoid unplanned stops of unmanned production jobs by ensuring all requirements and conditions for fully unmanned production with Job validation from Cellro. 

Cellro partners at EMO Hannover 2023

Visit Alzmetall’s stand

Hall 12 – Stand D20 | to see the Xcelerate X20 on a GS600.

Visit the stand of Gressel AG

Hall 5 – Stand A23 | to see the Xcelerate X35 | R-C2 | 6S.

What will a visit to Cellro during EMO Hannover 2023 bring you?

New inspiration

Get new ideas and inspiration for CNC automation. Discover opportunities in robotisation, automation, digitalisation and logistical integration for future projects in your company.

See CNC automation in action

Experience Cellro’s line-up, from C-Mate and Xcelerate and from Elevate to Ultimate. Also at our partners’ stands.

See the latest innovations

Take a look into the future and discover how AGVs automate logistics and enable fully continuous and automated CNC production.

Get personalised advice

Meet Cellro’s team and talk to experts in CNC automation. Get advice on the solutions that best suit your production needs and business objectives.

Visit Cellro at EMO
in Hall 14 Stand F14