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Cellro will be present at the AMB 2018 in Stuttgart, taking place at 18-22 September. At this meeting point for the industry, we will showcase various systems. Particularly interesting is the latest innovation: Elevate. You can visit us at booth 6A50 to come face-to-face with all of the latest innovations of automation. Sign up below for tickets or a personal meeting with a Cellro representative.


Elevate is the latest innovation and the big brother of our well-known Xcelerate. Elevate is used for loading and unloading CNC machines and builds upon the same modular technologies as Xcelerate. The machines are very similar, whereas they’re both compact, versatile and easy to use. However, Elevate can handle more weight, has more storage space and can be used alongside two machines at the same time.

Elevate at AMB
An important characteristic of Elevate is that it can handle high capacity with minimal footprint. The system is tall and slim, which grants the user storage of up to 28 trays at a floor space up to 2,8 m² to 5 m², depending on the selected configuration. This adds up to a staggering amount of 14 m² storage capacity, based on a single product surface of 100 x 100 mm. Another interesting feature is Elevate’s Smart Storage technology. This technology cranks up cost-efficiency by minimizing wasted space and cutting down the robot’s travel time between machine and tray.

Elevate builds upon existing modular technologies that Cellro uses in their systems. This makes Elevate compatible with many of the same modules as Xcelerate, allowing users to tailor the system exactly to their needs. Come and see the benefits with your own eyes at the Cellro booth (6A50). Elevate will demonstrate its supreme efficiency while handling products alongside two machines.

Also featuring at AMB
Except from Elevate, Cellro will also present Xcelerate, the outstanding system where it all started. A core Xcelerate X10 will demonstrate its unmatched compact size and easy-to-use controls. Furthermore, a second Xcelerate X20 system will be demonstrated, which is specifically endowed with the Fixture Exchange and transport carts modules. This allows the user to combine multiple milling series into a single unmanned production cycle. Good to know for lathe-owners: Cellro’s Collet Exchange module a similar technology to combine multiple turning series.

Partner showcasing

In addition, don’t be surprised to spot additional Cellro systems at the show floor, as various partners will showcase their solutions:

Partner: Gressel AG
Booth: 1H37
Will demonstrate: An efficient clamp-based part handling solution for milling machines that’s fully integrated in the Xcelerate standard.

Partner: GF Machining Solutions GmbH
Booth: 7C31
Will demonstrate: An Xcelerate X20 alongside a Mikron MILL S 400 U. This particular set-up is noteworthy, as it places the Xcelerate behind the machine, allowing full open access to the front. GF Machining Solutions GmbH is specialized in extremely demanding high-quality products.

Meet us

We’d love to welcome you all at the Cellro booth (6A50) in Stuttgart September 18-22. If you want to plan a meeting with a Cellro representative at a certain timeslot, that is possible. View possible timeslots here and sign up.

About AMB

Two years ago at the last version of AMB, 90.000 visitors were present. This year, even more space for innovations is made available. An additional 15.000 square metres allows exhibitors to showcase even more products and innovations.

This makes this year edition more attractive and worthwhile to visitors. During 18-22 September, 1.500 exhibitors from over 30 nations will showcase their products in the machine and tools for metal-working, and Cellro will be one of them. Get inspired by the latest innovations. Sign-up below!

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