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Cellro will present the latest addition to the Xcelerate line, the Xcelerate X60, on its anniversary at the upcoming EMO to be held in Hannover from 16 to 21 September. Cellro provides an outstanding practical example of the theme of the 2019 EMO: Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production.

Xcelerate X60: more capacity, more possibilities

Xcelerate X60, the newest member of the Xcelerate family, dovetails seamlessly with the Xcelerate concept. Flexible, accessible and compact, but with more storage capacity and a higher robot handling weight (up to 70 kg).

Completing the family, the Xcelerate X10 will also be on display at the EMO: a powerful presentation of an accessible start to the automation of CNC machining. In addition, you can see the Xcelerate X20 equipped with the Collet Exchange option, which facilitates the automation of small lines on a lathe in the unmanned hours. Besides the Xcelerate family, you can also view the Elevate E80 at the EMO: our solution for automated production for a large variety of product lines.

At our partner Gressel AG’s stand, you can watch Xcelerate in action with a highly interesting innovation for chippers that will automate small lines or single pieces on their milling machine.

Collet Exchange and Fixture Exchange

Elevate will be equipped with the Fixture Exchange option at the EMO. This allows the user to combine multiple milling lines into one unmanned production cycle. The Collet Exchange and Fixture Exchange functions are prime examples of the modularity and future expandability of the Cellro systems. Production processes are subject to change, which is why Cellro is continuously developing new options that can be added later. This way we can offer you the possibility of an easily accessible start to automating to suit your needs and prepare you for the future at the same time.

We treat on our anniversary!

Come visit Cellro and get acquainted with Xcelerate X60! We will be happy to show you the advantages of this innovative system as well as those of the other Xcelerate models and Elevate. And the one celebrating treats! Naturally, we can’t let you go home empty handed. We look forward to seeing you in Hannover!

Location and time

Location: Hannover, Germany

Cellro stand: Hall 27 | D21

Gressel stand: Hall 5 | A23

Dates: 16 through 21 September 2019

Opening hours: 09:00 -18:00 (Mon-Fri), 09:00 -16:00 (Sat)


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