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Tuesday June 29 at 15:00 (CEST)

More and more machining companies are taking their first steps in smart automation of turning processes. The added value of, for example, keeping turning unmanned at night is being recognized more and more.

Although turning appears to be a less complex process than milling, the effective automation of turning machines is still a considerable quest for many companies.

Insetting also often involves a single shaft or sawn workpiece, and vice versa. Cast parts also exist that require turning or milling operations. Whether you are machining your own product or are a supplier, automatically turning multiple series in a row unmanned seems more challenging than ever.

Cellro gives you insights into the complete landscape of robotized turning. The classic turning and milling operations will be discussed. But also the robotization of axes, the use of a bar feeder, a mandrel and multitask machines will be discussed. And of course we look ahead to robotizing small series unmanned.

Cellro’s experts will take you through the following topics:

  • What should you think about when automating your turning machine?
  • Possible automated operations to be performed with a robot on various types of lathes.
  • Functionalities for small series of unmanned turning.
  • Additional topics: measuring in the process, accuracy, how to deal with contamination?

Specialist in clamping, HAINBUCH, will be present live from their own demo center. With a lot of knowledge from practice and useful tips & tricks on clamping using collets and mandrels, they will be a valuable addition to this webinar.

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This session is the third in a series of practical sessions on how to use robotization in your production environment. Previously we shared our insights on the preconditions for automation and product handling for high mix, low volume. Wondering how our knowledge can help you to increase the effectiveness of your machinery? Watch the sessions back via https://cellro.com/en/events/