• July 9th at 2 pm (CEST)
  • July 16th at 11 am (CEST)

On the dates listed above Cellro will demonstrate in a live setting one of our latest innovations: the functionality R-C2 | 6S. The demonstration will take place at one of the users, but you can just watch it via a webinar! During the demonstration we will give you a glimpse into the operation of R-C2 | 6S in a real production setting. We are going to machine some of the products used in the motorsport, including a brake lever and a brake pump. Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S is hereby connected to a GROB G350. We show you how small series can be set up flexibly and quickly with complete machining in one operation.

The solution for automated all side machining for small milling series

Milling small series into single pieces, in unmanned production and machined on 6 sides, remains a challenge, despite the growth in the number of automated machines. Setting up an unmanned production mix requires a lot of clamping equipment that needs to be prepared. First processing is already being automated more and more often. The second operation of the same series is often not. How is accurate positioning of the second clamping ensured? It is not for nothing that products with high demands on accuracy are tensioned by hand on a pallet or directly into the clamp of the machine.

Save time and money with Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S

With Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S, gripping, clamping and handling are combined within one process step. This is done with the accuracy you are used to from pallet handling. It is high-mix, low-volume production par excellence, in which several small series are produced one after the other.

Content of the webinar

Topics covered include:

  • Setting-up a new product
  • Switching between different products
  • The customer’s experience with the system: what direct and indirect benefits does R-C2 | 6S deliver in practice?

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. It is a unique opportunity in these times to see remotely, and yet up-close, what this system could do for you.

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