Matec logo Köngen, Germany

An exciting program awaits you at the Matec GmbH Open House. Experience Matec machines in action and get inspired. Part of the program will be live demonstrations of various Matec machines.

Represented are:

  • MATEC 70HV
  • MATEC 30HV
  • MATEC 50U
  • MATEC 30HV
  • MATEC 30HV
  • MATEC 40L
  • MATEC 40P
  • MATEC 20A (with Xcelerate X20)

The Open House will take place on May 23rd and 24th from 9:30-18h at Wilhelm-Maier Str.3, 73257 Köngen, Germany. We from Cellro will be present to inform you about our automation solutions.

Cellro shows Xcelerate X20
You can also experience the Matec 20A automated with Cellro’s Xcelerate X20 loading robot. Xcelerate is the automation solution for your CNC machine and is available in two different basic shapes: X10 and X20. Both automation solutions are capable of loading low and unmanned series to increase production output. Xcelerate X20 is ideal when the production machine needs to remain accessible. The strength of Xcelerate is that the operator still has the choice to load the production machine manually or automatically. For example, he is able to load these by hand during the day and automatically load different series at night, unmanned.