Metalloobrabotka logo on Cellro Moscow, Russia

At the upcoming Metalloobrabotka, we are bringing two Xcelerate X20s, one milling machine, one lathe and two product carts. It is an important event for us as we’re introducing the Axile label for the Russian Federation (from the Buffalo brand) 5-axes machine. Another very important product to us is the Techni waterjet from Australia.

Our focus is on informing the market on the latest developments. At this point, thanks to our cooperation with Cellro, we’ve come a long way in automating everything at BPK. We are very interested how consumers will react to our announcements. Our priority is not on making sales but informing the audience.

Metalloobrabotka is the biggest show for Russia. Everybody related to the metal industy will be there. We are looking forward to show the market our latest developments (Axile, new cooperation Cellro, re-launch of the SASTA brand (really great Russian machine building company).