Stork Motion logo Billigheim, Germany


STORK MOTION’s new Billigheim site will be open to visitors on 4th of May. STORK MOTION was established by Björn Hedrich and Doris Schmiedt in 2017. Together, STORK MOTION and STORK Maschinenüberholungen GmbH constitute the STORK GROUP.

STORK MOTION serves its customers with a great deal of passion and a love for its trade.

Its operations include machine maintenance and servicing and have recently also incorporated automation with Cellro as its partner. STORK MOTION will be showing Xcelerate X20 at a demo machine during the open day. It will introduce customers and associates to this accessible automation solution that is easy to use by any machining shop.

Xcelerate allows outstanding product handling during various machine processes, such as turning, milling and grinding. The machine’s compact build makes it accessible to the operator and offers excellent interaction between man and machine. Xcelerate can load and unload a huge range of product shapes. The operation of Xcelerate is easy and pragmatic. Xcelerate is a true asset for each machine shop looking to increase its machine production output.

To find out more about STORK MOTION and the open day, visit the website.