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Thursday March 4, 2021 at 10:30 (CET)

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How do you automate several small unmanned series? Many machining companies are familiar with the challenge of high mix, low volume. In this webinar we will discuss the theme of product handling in depth. Cellro shows how simplicity and flexibility go hand in hand.

Properly clamping products in the machine is well known. What this will look like when the robot takes over the manual operation is more challenging. The process flow: the number of steps in which you process a product, picking up the material from the carrier and clamping in the machine are important points of attention.

Cellro’s experts will take you through the following topics:

  • How inlay and gripper technology enable effective product handling
  • Which different types of grippers can be applied
  • How to set up automated unmanned production in the control system

Robotisation based on product handling may seem like a threshold, but in fact fits in seamlessly with the work that is typical of machining companies: getting the best out of each production step. With the use of robot loading systems, you get even more out of each production step.

Curious about how to robotise your production effectively and get immediate answers to your questions? Click on the button below and watch the webinar: Product handling for high mix, low volume.

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Did you miss the previous webinar? We started at the beginning: important preconditions for automating your CNC machine. And the consideration that often comes up: do I automate based on pallet or product handling or a combination of both? Watch the recording here.

Ps. This session has a bit more focus on milling operations as rotary operations. Upcoming sessions will cover automated handling of shafts and disk-type materials. Are you wondering if there is no application for pallet handling at Cellro? Yes, there will be a separate session for this as well. Would you like to be kept informed? Let us know at

Cellro has been developing and building robot automation systems for the machining industry for over 15 years, and is known for its standardised, modular solutions. With these solutions we enable our customers to get the most out of their machining machines. Since its inception Cellro has focused on automation solutions which also include smaller series. This broad application of automation results in lower labour costs, more production per hour and more spindle hours. Cellro’s standardised modularity offers unrivalled flexibility and user-friendliness.

Video – Product handling & hardware

Video – Product handling & software