Tuesday, May 19th, at 10 am

Save time and money! Meet Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S: the solution for automated six-sided machining for small milling series

Milling small series into single pieces, in unmanned production and machined on 6 sides, remains a challenge, despite the growth in the number of automated machines. Setting up an unmanned production mix requires a lot of clamping equipment that needs to be prepared. First processing is already being automated more and more often. The second operation of the same series is often not. How is accurate positioning of the second clamping ensured? It is not for nothing that products with high demands on accuracy are tensioned by hand on a pallet or directly into the clamp of the machine. Another aspect is the cleaning of a product that is of great importance in order to guarantee quality, especially in unmanned production. That is why it is often decided to split up into different process steps. A product cannot be finished in one go, resulting in inefficiency; extra man-hours to finish the order, too few unmanned hours, logistic costs and extra overhead. For this efficiency, Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S is the solution.

Cellro has won with Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S the TechniShow Innovation Award 2020 in the Dutch Tech category. The jury praised this entry as an easily accessible opportunity for SMEs to enter the competition, and we are happy to explain that to you!

In this webinar we will discuss the best way to automate the processing of a product on six sides. It will explain the operation of Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. A unique opportunity in this day and age to see up close what this system could do for you. Sign up quickly and we will let you know the final time and date as soon as possible .

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