Cellro Automation creates added value for every machining company.

Let us first clear up a misunderstanding. The application of intelligent automation and the use of robots is certainly not only interesting for larger, modern machining companies with an extensive and advanced machine park. Cellro can also create direct added value for a small company with only 1 or a few machines. You can read about how we go about this in this article.

A matter of changing mindsets

In practice, we see that smaller machining companies in particular can benefit from our intelligent automation solutions. This is often due to the large variety of products to be manufactured, the peak pressure of larger orders with tight schedules, but also the lack of hands to operate the machines and perform labour-intensive tasks. In such situations, a lot of valuable time is lost on things that can be done much faster, better and thus more cost-effectively by implementing automation and using robots. The transition from manual production to automation forces you to think ahead. Our automation shows in advance what is needed to produce the planned products. For most of our customers, this is really a matter of thinking ahead. After all, you don’t just throw old, familiar working methods overboard. With our complete entry-level model, we are able to quickly convince entrepreneurs of the benefits of entering the automation of production processes.

Sustainable investment

The modular structure of our automation system enables a company to go one step further each time. Based on our expertise and many years of practical experience, we look at what a company fundamentally needs in order to increase production capacity, shorten order lead times, ensure consistent product quality and give employees more time for their core competencies. Cellro Automation therefore goes beyond reducing production costs and speeding up the production process. The challenge for us and our customers is to develop together, step by step. Investing in automation based on current production may prove ineffective in the medium term. An industrial robot has a lifetime of at least 15 years. We find it much more valuable to arrive at solutions that will benefit your company in the long term.

Expanding your boundaries together

If you are reading this as a business owner, it is almost inevitable that you will want to know more. Doesn’t every business want to take steps and push boundaries? What are the specific goals and how can we find the best solution for them together? Contact us and find out what Cellro Automation can do for your company!