Cellro offers smart automation for pallet and product handling

In order to make a well-considered choice for automating pallet and/or product handling in the machining industry, it is useful to know exactly what the differences and similarities are. In this article we would like to elaborate on that. If you would like to see what Cellro’s automation looks like in practice, please take a look at our video.

Differences and similarities

In practice, we see that for reasons of convenience or accuracy, there is a preference for investing in the automation of pallet handling in the first instance. Having our robot loading systems place or move pallets (product carriers) saves a lot of physical work for employees. Very accurate fixtures are possible, even to fasten several products on the pallets at the same time. In practice, however, product handling by robots provides many more direct benefits. Thanks to our sophisticated technology, robot systems can handle numerous labour-intensive and repetitive actions on various products, regardless of product geometry. Pallet and product handling are therefore two different sports, each of which has its own specific requirements for automation. Cellro will be happy to show you how these different forms of automation can be combined within your company.

Fixture Exchange: a smart combination!

In addition to robot loading systems with pallet grippers and robot loading systems with product grippers, Cellro supplies a smart combination of both under the name Fixture Exchange. Our robot loading systems are always equipped with a basic head that can be used to pick up both a product gripper and a pallet gripper. Changing the products is the same as with ‘normal’ product handling.

R-C2: Accurate in complex geometry

Cellro has a suitable solution for every automation problem. The application of R-C2 technology, for example, is extremely suitable for product handling where products with complex geometry are concerned. In this case, the robot loading system is not equipped with a product gripper, but with a screw unit. This unit has the ability to grab a manual centric clamp and then acts as a gripper. A product can be picked up with this unit, after which the robot leaves the product behind on the zero-point clamping system in the machine. The great advantage of this is that products with a complex geometry can also be gripped directly with a clamp. To make it complete, R-C2 can be combined with the 6S module. This makes the automation suitable for highly accurate 6-sided product processing in one run. The R-C2 technology and 6S module are particularly suitable for milling machines.

Together we will find the best solution

With this article we have explained the differences and similarities between pallet handling and product handling. In terms of automation, Cellro offers the best of both worlds, and we are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your company’s needs. So, make an appointment for a no-obligation introduction and to discuss the possibilities.