Boost your production output

The problem arises when your production costs increase. Raw materials are more expensive and personnel costs rise. On the other hand, customers want to reduce their purchasing costs and therefore demand lower prices from their suppliers. Unfortunately, these two trends do not constitute a sustainable relationship. In such a situation you need to boost your production output while utilising the same people and machines.

Options for boosting production

One solution could be to increase your production output by deploying more employees. Or having them work longer hours in the evening and through the night. But what if that is not a solution for you?  For example, personnel costs could rise to such an extent that it is no longer cost-effective. Or perhaps there are simply no employees available to man the plant and keep the machines running outside of office hours.

Other options are increasing your scheduling efficiency so people and machines are even better coordinated, investing in the reliability of the machines, or reducing the number of production errors. For example, you can boost production output by:

  1. 20% by fine-tuning scheduling;
  2. 10% by reducing downtime; and
  3. 15% by increasing production quality.

Automating loading process

Cellro has another solution that you may not have considered yet. Cellro is the expert in automating the loading process of various kinds of CNC machines, milling machines and lathes, among other equipment.. Our loading robot is called Xcelerate and is available in various versions. With the help of Xcelerate you can increase your production output by an average of 85%. If you are in a position to execute all of the aforementioned production optimisations in combination with Xcelerate, you can realise significant growth in your production output.

The biggest reason your output increases sharply when you utilise Xcelerate is that a machine with a loading robot can also produce through the night unmanned. No employee need be present to load medium-size batches in the machine. Furthermore, thanks to the interchangeable gripper, Cellro’s Xcelerate is able to load pre-programmed batches sequentially. You can see this perfectly in the Debets in Meersen customer case study.

Would you like to know more about Xcelerate or other Cellro automation solutions? Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.