Carts for Xcelerate: ideal for transporting your products

Conventional carts are used in the sector to transport workpieces to and from Xcelerate. The disadvantage of these carts is that the operator has to manually load the products onto the loading robot. Cellro has developed carts especially for Xcelerate that overcome this issue.


The major advantage of Cellro carts

When you use Cellro carts, you no longer have to manually transfer the products to the drawers in Xcelerate. The robot loads the machine with unprocessed products directly from the cart. It knows exactly where the products are located on the Cellro carts. The carts are secured to Xcelerate via an ingenious, extremely precise locking mechanism. Furthermore, an inlay on the cart ensures that the products remain exactly where they are supposed to. Once the production series is finished, the cart can then transport the processed products away from the machine. Cellro carts are easy to secure to and detach from Xcelerate using a pallet jack.


Which one should I choose: carts or drawers?

A cart can complement the drawers in Xcelerate. A cart can also be used instead of drawers. Customers who opt for carts often have workpieces that require further processing – cleaning, deburring or packing products, for example – at another station. Transportation to the next processing station is extremely easy with Cellro carts. Another benefit offered by carts is that they can hold more weight than a single drawer. This enables you to store heavier products, too. Carts are also a good option if you are working with extended products. By contrast, drawers have a greater storage capacity. This is useful primarily in the case of unmanned production. In short, choosing between drawers or carts depends on your production process.

You can also opt for a combination of carts and drawers. Customers who have chosen this in the past often have a mix of products to process. Having a combination of carts and drawers makes you even more flexible in your automated production process.

Inlays in Cellro carts

Cellro can provide customised inlays for carts. The inlay is cut out so that the workpieces fit into it precisely. The inlay has two functions: first, it means that products are positioned more exactly, which enables the robot to pick up the products with a high degree of precision and return them to the same spot after processing. Second, an inlay keeps the products in place while the cart is being transported.

How many carts do I need?

You will know how many carts you need once you see how many products you can transport on a single cart. This depends on a number of factors, the first of which is the robot gripper. This needs sufficient space to be able to securely grip a product. The robot gripper therefore determines how close the products can be to one another. The second factor is the size of your products. We will inform you of the dimensions of the cart’s surface and the positions of the fixing holes. You can then have an inlay cut out based on this information. Cellro can do this for you if you wish.

Xcelerate X10 allows for one cart to be secured, while Xcelerate X20 allows for two carts to be attached at the same time. We usually advise customers to start with two carts, as this enables you to first integrate the cart-based work process into your automation process.

You can always purchase more carts later on. The specialists at Cellro usually do not need to come to your premises to take care of this. The precision of the carts is such that they do not need to be calibrated. We will send you the carts. In most cases, they will be ready for use immediately once you receive them. Please make sure that you have enough space if you intend on purchasing multiple carts.

All benefits of Cellro carts at a glance

  • Cellro carts enable you to eliminate manual operations from your logistics process.
  • You can quickly integrate them into your production process and transport your workpieces directly.
  • As the carts are extremely strong, you can also use them to transport heavier products.
  • The accuracy of the carts’ position and the inlays make the carts easy to integrate into your automation process.
  • All Cellro carts are equally precise. If you are planning on purchasing a new cart, it does not have to be calibrated.