Experience the flexibility of Cellro robot loading systems

Suppose you are a production manager at a machining company and responsible for the entire production process. However, a number of steps in that process do not run as they should according to you and your employer. What do you do then? You talk to Cellro about the flexibility and applicability of robot loading systems which can be used on virtually any brand and type of CNC machine.



Loading CNC machines is no longer the most important aspect of automation. It is, above all, about work preparation and having a continuous view of and grip on the production process. Reacting in advance instead of concluding afterwards. Cellro robotic loading systems are built for this and prepared for the future!

Thinking ahead and planning within the production

The advanced software controlling the robot cell gives you as a production manager active support in thinking ahead and planning production activities. For example, keeping the stock of raw product up to date and monitoring the condition of the tools used, such as drills, chisels and milling cutters. Our software not only provides timely notifications when action is required somewhere in the production process, but you also immediately see what is wrong and how it can be solved. This reduces stagnation in the production process and unnecessary downtime of your valuable machines to a minimum. Planning ahead for production, real-time insight into the status of planned work and early detection instead of only reacting after the fact – these are the distinguishing features of Cellro robot loading systems.

Extra hands and extra eyes

On the one hand, Cellro automation relieves you and your colleagues of a lot of labour-intensive and repetitive production work, but perhaps even more interesting is the intelligent software that gives you, as product manager, real-time insight into the entire production process and the product planning. This provides peace of mind in the work planning and makes the production lead time reliable. It ensures more efficiency and effectiveness in your planning. With automation, you increase the flexibility and capacity of your machinery, which contributes to a positive operating result.

Intelligent interface

Through the intelligent interface box, Cellro can provide a completely customer-specific machine interface, tailored to your CNC machine configuration. This is connected to the Cellro robot cell through a standard interface. It’s a technology that gives you the freedom to connect a new machine and/or add new functionalities in the future. Flexible switching for now, while being prepared for the future.

Applicable to almost all CNC machines

Because our automation solutions are not brand-related, automating production, where various machines of different brands are used, is no problem at all. The advantage of this is that your company can continue to use its current machines. The full or partial automation of the production process with your CNC machine is therefore much more accessible.

Nice practical example

Flowserve is a global supplier of industrial pumps, valves and seals for the oil, gas, chemical and water management industries. The company used Elevate for a Mazak multitask machine in combination with the Collet Exchange function. Flowserve produces small series with a large variety of parts for its own products. An important condition for their automation was the ability to make small series of different products with various diameters in a row, without the intervention of an operator.

Arjan Luijten and Yorick Bosker, Process Engineers at Flowserve, are very satisfied with: the professional cooperation and quick support from Cellro. “The interaction with their automation specialists and service department is really perfect. There is still plenty to do to better integrate Elevate in our production. For example, we are working on expanding the types of products that can be made unmanned, in order to produce more and more products in one unmanned run. The first steps in automation with Cello have been made and we are looking forward to more”, say Arjan and Yorick.

Follow the example of Flowserve

Are you, like Flowserve, considering investing in flexible automation of your production process? If so, please contact us for an in-depth analysis and personalized demo by one of our software engineers.