Cellro is expert op het gebied van flexibele automatisering

The way Cellro grows with its customers

Often a company starts to produce certain products on a small scale and relatively easily. Gradually the growth comes and the diversity and complexity of production increases. This requires smart and flexible solutions in the field of automation. This is precisely Cellro’s great strength and added value.

Controlling your production as a conductor

The source from which we draw for the flexible automation of CNC machines in the machining industry is our extensive experience and the advanced data models based on it. These models are based on specific problems and concrete and latent needs from our customers. Over the past 15 years, we have invested heavily in this. This has created simplicity in your production control and you can easily start a new production in 3 key clicks. The quantity and complexity of the production resources and production data controls the machine control for you. This gives you immediate insight into things that need to be organized to make production run smoothly, before production starts and malfunctions occur.  This is all clear in what we call ‘the traffic light model’. It consists of very clear green check marks and red crosses, which directs your attention to exactly where it is needed. In this way you are able to easily oversee the complexity and you are, as it were, the conductor of your production.

Step by step

In one of our videos, software engineer Dirk shows how easy and user-friendly Cellro’s automation software is. Together with the team, Dirk has developed software to make the hardware do exactly what is needed to accurately load your products. The software is made to feel like you have a second colleague. In this video, the software around product handling is approached from three angles in which your product is central:

  • The machine (clamping)
  • Storage capacity
  • Gripper technology

Flexible automation and therefore durable

The flexible automation of Cellro can be compared to a chameleon. It colors along with the growth and prosperity of a company. From relatively small and simple to larger and more complex. We grow at the desired pace of our customers. That is why we explicitly involve those who work with our automation applications in the choices that are made. They feed us with essential information specifically related to their automation issue. We let them experience the possibilities and advantages of what we can offer them. Compare it with children’s bikes. You prefer to buy them a little bigger and on the growth, so that you can enjoy them for a long time. That’s exactly the case with Cellro’s flexible automation. The basis is so complete that you don’t have to replace the bike but that it grows with you. You invest in an easily expandable automation system. As far as we’re concerned, this is the ultimate form of cost-efficient and sustainable enterprise.

Would you also like to grow?

We can imagine that when you read this article, you think: “I am looking for a growth solution like this for my company’s automation”. Of course, we would be happy to arrange that for you. Please contact us, so that we can discuss your automation wishes and the possibilities Cellro has to offer. Cellro is at your service!