Imminkhuizen Metaaltechniek B.V. reveal their latest automation solution: Elevate for a GF Mikron milling machine

Automation can enable expansion; as Imminkhuizen Metaaltechniek B.V. has proven. In 2013, this metal machining company from Barneveld was still a sole proprietorship in a small building at Bellstraat. However, with a clear vision and convinced of the added value of automation, Imminkhuizen invested in Xcelerate. This automation solution, eminently suited to small and medium-sized series, was combined with a Mazak.  The company relocated twice, recently arriving at Imminkhuizen’s current new location.

On moving to the new site, Imminkhuizen also introduced their latest automation solution: Elevate combined with a GF Mikron Mill P 500 U.

Elevate has a large storage capacity, handling weight and the ability to operate multiple machines.

Why has Imminkhuizen opted for a 5-axis milling machine, the Mill P 500-U, combined with an Elevate?

“With this combination, it is possible to maintain production 24 hours a day. The market has changed significantly compared to when we started ten years ago. For example, when we did a job for a customer back then, they’d bring us the sawn parts, we’d machine them, after which the customer would collect them and arrange for the finish of these parts. That process is now completely different. These days, we order the materials, make the product and arrange the finish. We take care of everything for the customer.”

Everything is subject to tight deadlines. Imminkhuizen considers it a challenge to work with this cell and achieve the same production with less staff as well as shorter lead times, providing a quicker service to its customers.

The added value of automation is clear to Imminkhuizen.  “We want to be able to operate unmanned for 24 hours a day, for the purposes of reducing the lead times and providing customers with a faster service. This type of automation allows us to reduce our production costs and compete with companies using low-wage countries for their production.

Work preparation at Imminkhuizen has changed drastically through the use of Elevate. Elevate can be filled completely, also for next week’s production. Are you curious to what extent Imminkhuizen has experienced growth through the use of automation? Read about their experience with the Elevate and the Xcelerate here.

Want to see Elevate in action?

It is possible to attend a live demo at Cellro. This way you can easily see how the systems work. Do you prefer online? No problem at all. Cellro provides several digital software demonstrations. This way you can directly address all your questions to the experts at Cellro!

For more information about  Elevate, or one of our other automation options, please contact us.