The history of Xcelerate

Xcelerate is our automation solution which was created in response to customer demand for automation of small and medium-sized series capable of keeping up with an organisation’s growth. To do so, we concentrated all our know-how into one square metre. Before Xcelerate existed, Cellro only served larger companies, providing automation solutions for larger series. In serving only these companies, Cellro was ignoring approximately 70% of the market. Cellro saw an opportunity to provide a solution to these companies, which weren’t yet using automation.

Our thought process was as follows: everyone should be able to automate, in a manner that is as easy and simple as possible, whilst increasing efficiency, that goes without saying.
We purposely decided to include as much man-machine interaction as possible. The machine operator (experienced or not) runs their own production job during the daytime or in between jobs, switching to the Xcelerate at other times or at night to produce medium-sized series.

We’re also seeing a shift in the type of product. In the beginning, our most popular product was the X10, which can handle a maximum load of 10 kg. Nowadays we sell more and more X20 which can handle a maximum load of 35 kg. Since 2019, Xcelerate has also been available in an appearance (X60) that can be loaded to a maximum of 70 kg.

Xcelerate developments

In 2013, we launched the first Xcelerate. Through the years we continued to develop the machine to its current specifications. What did these developments involve?
Our first improvement was implemented in February 2014. Xcelerate blocked much of the production machine environment from view. We therefore decided to use more transparent panels for the rear from February 2014 onwards. In September 2014, we introduced a spindle-driven drawer, ensuring a completely fluid movement.
In March 2015 we added an option allowing for a cart with additional workpieces to be added. In December 2015, we also replaced Xcelerate’s previous control panel with Proface, providing Xcelerate users an even more user-friendly and intuitive control.
In July 2017 the safety shield received a minor update. Cellro takes safety regulations seriously and provides its customers CE compliant systems. In September 2017, the Fixture Exchange was included as an option. For more information on this option: Fixture Exchange.
In March 2018, the Collet Exchange was included as an option. For more information about this option: Collet Exchange.
Mijlpaal-Cellro-2019 In 2019, Cellro launched Xcelerate X60, after X10 and X20, the third appearance of the well-known robot loading system. X60 dovetails seamlessly with the Xcelerate concept. Flexible, accessible and compact, but with more storage capacity and a higher robot handling weight (up to 70 kg).

Are you interested to find out more about Xcelerate’s history? Please feel free to contact one of our experts.