The importance of security in our service

At Cellro, we consider it very important to provide our customers with the best service. We do this by solving software problems and supporting operators. For years we have been using a remote control solution for this purpose to keep customer satisfaction high and provide better service. “However, due to Cellro’s growth, we ran into the problem that only a limited number of users could be invited. The growth led to an increase of employees and dealers who needed access,” says Dirk van Manen, Software Engineer Products.


To solve this problem, users can share an account, but this again brings with it the necessary security risks. At Cellro we were looking for a solution where there are more user accounts so that everyone has their own account and login details no longer need to be shared. This also allows multiple users to work simultaneously on one project. A must here is a user management system in which colleagues and dealers can be assigned access to specific groups. This is necessary for secure collaboration.

IXON Cloud

To serve our customers in a fast and secure way, we chose remote access through IXON Cloud. This system offers the possibility to take our service to an even higher level and thus increase customer satisfaction during the entire life cycle of the robot automation, so not only during the warranty period. IXON was chosen not only for its unlimited number of users and free user management, but also for its ease of use and security measures.

Two Software Engineers at WorkFor example, user access can be set and adjusted per user. Not only our own service team uses it, but also our dealers offer support. With limited access, they only have access to their own customers’ devices.

Using a cloud solution can sometimes meet some resistance, but customers are often quickly convinced by the IXON Cloud. How security is handled in the IXrouter and the IXON Cloud is described in IXON’s security whitepaper. Dirk explains: “There are regular audits, they have different security certificates, the IXrouter has a built-in firewall and you can make 2FA mandatory.”

Dirk emphasizes the importance of security: “As a machine builder and system integrator, it is really necessary to be concerned with security. You don’t want to run the risk that something goes wrong and the customer suffers. IXON provides much of the security, but it’s still important to be aware of what security means.”

Faster service and optimally performing machines

Remote access has allowed us to improve the quality of our service, leading to even more satisfied customers. Dirk says the mobile app helps us work more efficiently. “The VNC server provides quick remote access to the HMI so we can see what is happening at the machine wherever we are. This means faster customer service and an optimally performing machine.”

Remote access via IXON CloudService & Software Engineer Michel van Kleinwee is also satisfied: “We can solve 90% of the problems remotely. The remaining 10%, which have to be solved at the customer’s site, we can solve more specifically. Because we can look into the control software in advance, we know what is happening in the machine and which tools we need to bring along to solve the problem. It’s also a big advantage that multiple people can look at the same problem at the same time.”

Service in the future

Cellro’s goal is to unburden its customers by scheduling service in advance. To do this, we want to improve our service department by moving from ad hoc support to proactive and ultimately preventive service. In addition, we are looking into offering our customers a service level agreement (SLA) to record agreements. This will enable us to guarantee a certain service level and maintain customer relations.