of one or even two production processes or machines

Large selection
of robot handling weights

Module Fixture Exchange
flexible automation of small batch sizes

Ultimate solution
for product handling

Exceptional storage
capacity thanks to vertical storage

Suitable for various products
in all shapes and sizes


Optimum use of the available storage space
due to small distance between tray positions in the lift

Parallel loading
Loading can take place in parallel with production

Standard lift height of 3 m

Smart automatic warehouse
depending on the product height

Safety fencing or light curtains
can be configured according to system layout

Loading drawers
at ergonomic height

The benefits of Elevate


Elevate is the automation solution that maximises product storage capacity whilst using the smallest possible floor space. A large variety of products can be flexibly handled by storing the products on trays. Elevate can operate one or more lathes, milling machines or other types of machines.

Due to the ergonomic loading position, the products can simply be placed on a tray using a drawer. The tray is then stored in the Elevate and is ready for the robot on demand.

The place of the active tray from which the robot retrieves and delivers products has a separate position., so the lift and the robot can work parallel to each other. So if, for example, you request a tray with manufactured products, the lift can pick it up without interrupting the robot’s work. If Elevate is loading several machines, a second operating position is possible.

Since the robot is separate from the lift, a wide assortment of robots with different payloads is available. Long-term autonomy of your machine(s) is guaranteed due to the large storage capacity.