High flexibility
Configure your core system now. Expand later.

Flexibly expandable
Select modules for loading, storage and functions.

A versatile worker
Handles products, pallets and tools.

Closed exterior
Benefit from safety and transparency.

High storage capacity
Requires only minimal floor space.

Supports peripheral equipment
Modulerate easily fits your production process.


Prepared for the future
Change loading and storage as you desire.

Flexible control for many functions
Total control, without programming skills.

Multiple grippers, automatically changeable
Increase your efficiency even further.

Robots for various handling loads
Modify handling capacity to your product or pallet weight.

Easy retrofit
Adjust modules to your new needs.

Automate more tasks
Clamping, pressing, take-over and cleaning.

The benefits of Modulerate


Modulerate is modular and functional. Modulerate can be used by any machine shop that wants to automate its milling process, and that also requires pallet loading, product loading and optional tool interchangeability. Due to Modulerate’s modular design, the system can be set up to fit your work process optimally. Modulerate is suitable for automating one machine and can be expanded to be used with a second machine. Due to the position of the robot in the cell, machines can be loaded from the side and the front. Modulerate is suitable for most commonly used machines, but we can also provide a tailored solution for your special machine. It offers considerable flexibility and is therefore suitable for product batches of 1 to 500 units. Modulerate’s functionality and storage capacity can be expanded later on, meaning you are always ready for the future. Even if you have an existing module, it can be retrofitted later to add more functionality. Modulerate is also extremely suitable for products with a cycle time of 2 to 60 minutes per product. The robot’s handling weight varies from 45/50 to 70 kg, depending on the intended use.