More efficient use of the robot
Due to faster change times

Large storage capacity for tools
Less frequent tool changes necessary between products

Machine reliability
Expect little downtime

Easy to install
Little time needed before production can begin

Free to organise the carousel as you wish 
For optimal use

Tool capacity can be expanded after a few years of use

Remote assistance
Cellro can assist remotely to optimise use

Low energy consumption 
Uses lightweight servomotors


Machine-independent loading
robot arm can move freely in a small space

Robot only uses rotating movements, with round seals used.
Difficult for dirt and moisture to penetrate the robot; low maintenance

Optimisation of speed and position
due to servomotor-driven carousels

Six degrees of freedom
Can reach every position within reach of the robot.

Automatic measuring of tool positions 
This provides a quick installation time

Tool takes a direct route from A to B and is therefore very fast

Maximum load of robot 70 kg
Large spindles such as HSK100 CAT50
Surface area from 3.5 m2
Height 4000 mm
Tool types (most common) SK, HSK, BT, CAPTO
Tool capacity 100-800 tools

The benefits of Toolchanger


Toolchanger is an external storage warehouse for tools. The system is machine brand-independent and provides a large storage capacity on limited floor space due to the use of rotating carousels. The storage medium can store different tool types such as SK, HSK, BT and CAPTO. Due to the simple controls, inserting, removing and/or replacing tools is very simple.

Toolchanger is quick and uses little energy. This is due to the use of a robot and servomotors on the carousel. The robot manoeuvres tools to the machine and you can choose to load directly to the spindle, to the machine’s tool warehouse or to the chain. The machine takes precedence, the robot is auxiliary.