One standard for different production processes
Turning, milling, grinding

Machine-brand independent automation 
For both new and older machines

Great foundation for your custom requirements

Xcelerate not only loads your CNC
It can also turn workpieces for six-side processing

Flexible workpiece placement
Delivered with universal product inlays

Large workpiece storage capacity 
Extended unmanned production on your CNC

Compact floor space (0.9 or 1.4 m2)
CNC machine remains accessible

Easy to relocate to other machines with a pallet jack


Low-maintenance, high-end machine 
Only the best components are used

Equipped for all conventional communication with CNC machines
Profibus, Profinet, IOlink, RS232, hardwired, etc.

Safety scanner 
Safe work guaranteed, without fences

Safety standards
Satisfies all the relevant harmonised safety standards in the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

User-friendly software
with touchscreen controls

Pneumatic product grippers
with adjustable grip strength

Motor-driven loading
workpieces are stable and stacked

Automatically interchangeable workpiece grippers

Capacity and dimensions

Maximum load of robot 10 kg
Maximum product dimensions 135 x 135 mm
Maximum product height 255 mm
Width 1.41 meter
Height 2.45 meter
Depth 0.91 meter
Weight 1000 kg
Maximum weight per load 120 kg

The benefits of Xcelerate


Xcelerate is intended to be used to load workpieces into one machine at a time. Whether used on an old or new milling machine, lathe, measuring bench, bench grinder or another machine, Xcelerate can ensure that production batches are automatically completed. When Xcelerate is not in use, the robotic arm folds away and the machine is free to be used in regular production. This enables the specialist and the machine to concentrate on more challenging work during regular working hours. It is even possible, and simple, to relocate Xcelerate with a pallet jack if you wish to automate different machines at different times.

Xcelerate is reliable and can be quickly installed on the shop floor. Due to the easy-to-use software, our customers find that they experience an increase in their production capacity from day one with the same number of staff. Xcelerate can load a wide range of products and is therefore universal, and can even be used for smaller batches. What’s more, if standard product grippers are not sufficient for loading a complex product shape, you can make custom ‘fingers’ using the templates or we can deliver them to you.

Why they choose Xcelerate

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