Increased flexibility for pallet and product handling

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Cellro introduces

Xcelerate X15 & X35. Two new models in the successful Xcelerate series. Xcelerate fits perfectly into the existing layout of your machine park and offers the solution for your automation needs of your CNC machines. This makes it easy for you to take the step towards flexible and reliable unmanned production of your machine park.

With the Xcelerate series you can easily automate various CNC operations such as turning, milling and grinding. Moreover, the Xcelerate series is universally applicable for all brands CNC machines, new and existing. Because there is a choice of different models, Xcelerate is always the most appropriate and economical solution for your situation. You will achieve a high return on investment and a robust innovation solution that moves with your needs!

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Our all-rounder

The first new models have been sold and installed! A leading company in the production and implementation of critical machine components is one of these lucky ones. Focused on partnership and building a lasting relationship with international experience and a high service level for their customers, this is a customer with a vision that fits Cellro perfectly.

Your customers demand flexibility: series are getting smaller, manufacturing technologies are changing, delivery times are shorter and professionals are harder to find. The daily challenge of connecting all the processes in production ensures that people are busy and the spindle only runs about 30% of the time. Xcelerate, like the other three products in the Cellro Product Line, is rich in functionalities, making it easy to start today while being prepared for the future.

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Not yet familiar with the rest of the Xcelerate family?

With Xcelerate you get a jewel in your production. Because of its own frame, Xcelerate can easily be moved to another machine, so that the robot can be used on the machine for which you have the most suitable work. Xcelerate effortlessly handles different types of series.  It often proves itself with a quick acceptance on the work floor and soon runs several series unmanned. Access to the machine remains open so that the operator can easily take a look inside. It’s a nice feeling. Xcelerate series offers a wide range of models. With a robot handling range of 12 to 70 kg, there is room for light and medium products. Collets, vices and pallets can also be stored.

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With Cellro you choose a partnership


  • You get an innovative partner for automation
  • You get a partner that builds future-proof solutions in line with Industry 4.0
  • You get modular solutions and you can easily start growing towards complex solutions
  • You get clear and useful functionalities
  • You get the best quality and an attractive, robust design combined with high-quality components (FANUC, SCHUNK, SIEMENS, LEUZE).


Cellro wants to take inventive entrepreneurs into the new world. Acting in your production at a quarter to twelve instead of observing at a quarter past twelve. Real-time insights and the opening up of production data relieves your operator of the need to plan and organise production. Not one piece, not one series, but 10 or more series in a row, unmanned. This is essential for anyone who wants to increase production capacity and turnover with the same people and the same resources.

Innovative entrepreneurs want to start today and have often already started. They show vision and guts. But of course you want to know that you are taking the right steps to automate, digitize and integrate your production. This is a question that occupies an increasing number of Cellro’s customers and relations.

Cellro shares its knowledge and technologies to help you get ahead. Cellro. Think ahead.