Xcelerate R-C2 | 6S

  • Drastic reduction of throughput times with the R-C2 | 6S functionality
  • Complete product processing in one production run
  • Very suitable for small series and single parts
  • Extremely suitable for milling operations
  • More information about the RC2 | 6S

Xcelerate R-C2 | 6S

  • Configurable with X20-35 and X35-35
  • Automatic accurate takeover by a separate takeover station
  • Integrated cleaning module for different liquids
  • Proven quality from Cellro and GRESSEL
  • More information about the RC2 | 6S

More efficiency in your production process

It remains a challenge in unmanned production: milling of small series and single pieces. This is certainly the case with machining on six sides.

Machining the first side is being automated more and more often. However, this is not the case with a second fixture or with the cleaning of products. That is why we often opt for splitting the process steps. This means that a product cannot be finished in once. The direct consequences: inefficiency, extra man hours, too few unmanned hours, logistic costs and extra overhead. Fortunately, there is a solution! With Xcelerate | R-C2 | 6S, you only need one process step for the first set-up, the second set-up and the cleaning. A huge efficiency boost for your company!

High-mix/low-volume production

With Xcelerate | R-C2 | 6S, gripping, clamping and turning the workpiece is carried out in one process step. This is done with the accuracy you are used to from pallet handling. This gives you much more possibilities in terms of product dimensions. It is high-mix, low-volume par excellence, in which several small series are produced one after the other.

The innovative R-C2 combines gripping and clamping. The material is picked up and clamped by the robot. The R-C2 robot module is equipped with sensors, making clamping controlled and very reliable.

The combination R-C2 with a 6S take-over station makes it possible to apply this automated clamping method for the second set-up. This allows a product to be machined on all six sides. This is done fully automatically. Only two R-C2 centric vises are required, in contrast to one pallet per product.

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This is how Xcelerate | R-C2 | 6S works: step by step

1. System loading

The system is loaded with material and the corresponding R-C2 centric vises.

2. Job Manager

The operator enters the jobs via Job Manager. The operator also indicates which vise a product uses. This is fixed in the product configuration. The system then automatically links the correct vises to the correct products.

3. Robot grabs R-C2 vise and grabs product

The robot picks up a R-C2 vise with the R-C2 head and grabs a product from the tray.

4. Centre station

The product is centered on the centering station.

5. First operation

The robot takes the product in the R-C2 vise to the machine and places the vise on the machine bed for the first operation. The machine processes the material up to 5 sides.

6. Cleaning station

After machining, the clamped product gets blown clean in the cleaning station.

7. Second fixture

The vise of the first set-up is placed at the bottom of the takeover station. Meanwhile, an empty R-C2 vise is placed at the top of the station for the second fixture. This will sink down to take over the product.

8. Second operation

The robot moves the vise with the second set-up to the machine for the second operation.

9. Operation completed

The product is placed back in the tray as soon as the second operation is finished.

The advantages at a glance

With Xcelerate | R-C2 | 6S a complete machined product can be made in one production run. It is no longer necessary to do this in two or more steps. This saves a lot of time and increases efficiency! It is therefore very cost effective. With Xcelerate | R-C2 | 6S, machining companies improve their competitiveness. Xcelerate | R-C2 | 6S has many more advantages. They are listed for you below.

  • Automated six-sided machining of milling products.
  • Very suitable for small series and single pieces.
  • Constant accuracy due to the systematic takeover of the product and the centric vises.
  • Simplification of logistics, planning and overhead due to fewer production steps.
  • Quality increase through full product control and less manual intervention in preparation.
  • Increased efficiency: less rejected or surplus products and therefore no extra production to overcome this.
  • 24/7 machining of complete products.
  • Shorter delivery times: more quickly a complete product ready for delivery.
  • Very high machine efficiency due to robotization of the entire process in 1 cycle (product handling, clamping, takeover and cleaning).
  • Fast ROI.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Personnel can focus on the more challenging work.
  • Compact: high storage capacity (2.9 m2) on a small floor area (1.4 m2).
  • Proven quality of Cellro and GRESSEL.

In cooperation with GRESSEL AG

This product was developed in collaboration with GRESSEL AG. GRESSEL AG has over 90 years of experience in the clamping and clamping of products. This knowledge has been combined with Cellro’s more than 15 years of experience in robot automation in the machining industry. Through this unique cooperation, users are assured of an innovative and reliable solution to increase their machine efficiency!

More information about GRESSEL and R-C2

Capacity and dimensions X20 | R-C2 | 6S

Maximum robot load35 kgStandard product dimensions 250 x 160 mm (L x B)Maximum product height 255 mm
Width1.68 metersHeight2.52 meterDepth1.15 meters
Weight1600 kgMaximum weight per drawer200 kg

Capacity and dimensions X35 | R-C2 | 6S

Maximum robot load35 kgStandard product dimensions 250 x 160 mm (L x B)Maximum product height depends on configuration
Width1.70 metersHeight2.40 meterDepth2.40 meters
Weight1450 kgMaximum weight per drawer300 kgMaximum weight per tray200 kg

Cellro 6S Module

Takeover station Vertical guidance for transferring material
Centering unitPrecise positioning of material
Clean unitBlowing off chips, dust and coolant

Gressel R-C2 Module

Mechanical centric robot clamp moduleSteered coupling
Freely programmable closing force up to 25 kN (C2 80) or 35 kN (C2 125)
Gressel clamp typeMax. Productweight with Robot M-20i/25* (kg)Max. Productweight with Robot M-20i/35M* (kg)span range (mm)Dimensions without pelvis (mm)
C2 80 L-1409,622,50-120140x80x50
C2 80 L-1907,6200-140190x80x50
C2 125 L-1606180-84160x125x50
C2 125 L-2352,5150-146235x125x50

*The maximum product weight depends on the product dimensions and the length of the clamping jaws. Please contact one of our specialists for more information.

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