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In 2013 Cellro is approached by a leading manufacturer of medical devices. The company in question is looking for a partner who can help them implement their modular automation strategy. Cellro seizes this opportunity and assembles a project team. The team is set to work and develops a range of automation products for a variety of manufacturing processes, including machining, marking, cleaning and measuring. Seven years later, Cellro Medical is a major player in the medical world with a growing customer base spread across Europe, the United States and China.

The medical device industry is growing steadily. Medical device manufacturers are under pressure to meet increasing demand while lowering costs. Automation seems an interesting option, but finding the right partner is difficult. With a history rooted in the machining industry, Cellro understands the challenges your business faces. As a knowledge partner and manufacturer, we set ourselves the goal of developing relevant solutions that will help your business move forward.

Areas of expertise

As a manufacturer of automation solutions, Cellro has been active in various markets for over 15 years. Cellro’s core competence is the automation of machining processes (turning, milling). In line with this, during its existence Cellro has also built up a great deal of knowledge of adjacent processes such as cleaning, measuring, inspection, spot marking, laser marking, deburring and polishing. The overview below shows which areas of expertise Cellro distinguishes and what value it adds.

Laser marking

In the medical industry, the correct identification of parts is literally a matter of life and death. In the US and Europe, manufacturers are required by law to provide specific medical devices, including implants, with a unique identification number.

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The common way to apply such a number is by laser marking.

The range of laser marking systems is large. What distinguishes Cellro is 15 years of experience in the field of product handling. Cellro laser marking systems have a built-in handling system. This ensures a high throughput and makes the systems ideally suited for integration in production chains.

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Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an important step in the manufacturing process of medical parts. After machining, a mixture of chips and coolant often remains on a product. Removing this afterwards is difficult..

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so you often see that ultrasonic cleaning is applied as an intermediate step.

For example, between a machining operation and a control measurement on a measuring bench.

Cellro offers various solutions in the field of (ultrasonic) cleaning. This varies from the standard cleaning modules in the Xcelerate program to in-line solutions for machine loading systems, to fully automated batch cleaning systems.

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After machining, a product is not yet ready for delivery to the customer. Often there are still burrs on it and the surface is rough and untreated. In practice, deburring and/or polishing involves a lot of manual work. This requires qualified personnel and is therefore costly.

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In the past 15 years Cellro has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of robotized deburring and robotized polishing. Depending on your product, various options are possible.

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Automatic loading

Various actions often precede the start of a machining process, such as clamping, loading the tools, etc. The multitude of tasks, combined with the fact that an operator has to divide his attention over several machines, encourages human error and inefficiency.

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Cellro offers a solution. With over 15 years of experience, Cellro is the knowledge partner in the field of machine integration. The product range offers a variety of functionalities, ranging from basic functions such as automatic product changeover to more advanced functions such as job management and product verification.

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Cellro Laser Marking System

The Cellro laser marking system is the most complete solution on the market for applying a Unique Device Identifier (UDI). Thanks to the integrated handling system, you only have to place the products on the appropriate carrier in the machine and scan the DHR code. The products are then marked and checked fully automatically one by one.

The system has a universal design. The loading system is optimized for discrete batches of up to twenty-four products. Larger batches, however, can easily be distributed over several loading cycles. The system is equipped with a gripper change module. Thanks to the modular design of the hardware and software, you can easily add new products at a later date.

The built-in robotic arm makes it possible to apply markings on multiple surfaces during one machining cycle. Thanks to this unique functionality, you save valuable changeover time and spend less money on complex fixtures.

The Cellro laser marking system is available in a redbeam variant (for metal products) and a greenbeam variant (for plastic products). Wondering if this solution is also suitable for your products? Then please contact us. We will be happy to help you further.

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Cellro’s machines are of excellent quality. Cellro is a professional partner, who understands the demands we place on our systems and why. The team is flexible and helpful. Service and After Sales requests are responded to quickly and adequately. All in all, we are very satisfied with the cooperation with Cellro.

Lead Manufacturing Engineer at a major medical device manufacturer.

Strenghts of Cellro Medical

Strenghts of Cellro Medical
  • Seven years of experience in the medical industry
  • Self-qualification according to GAMP 5
  • Software that complies with the applicable data integrity guidelines
Own product program
  • Wide range with standard solutions
  • Modular platform
  • Tailor-made solutions possible
Large network
  • Widely branched network in the manufacturing industry
  • Intensive relationships with machine builders and technology suppliers
  • Connections with universities and other knowledge institutes
Relationship driven
  • More than supplier: knowledge partner
  • Doing business together from a common interest
  • Clear, transparent communication
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The medical industry is an important growth market for us. The need for automation and robotization has increased significantly in recent years. Cellro wants to respond to this. With our knowledge of the market and modular philosophy, we help our customers take the next step towards a highly automated production process

Bram de Koning – director-owner of Cellro

Team disciplines

Automation revolves around people. We are proud of our passionate employees. We are proud of our passionate people who, day in, day out, want to go to extremes to ensure that the systems meet all requirements and are ultimately delivered and installed according to schedule. Below is a brief introduction to the various disciplines involved in the process from design to installation and the maintenance that follows.

Electromechanical design

Our multidisciplinary engineering teams guarantee a balanced electromechanical design. With their commitment to quality, they lay the foundation for high-quality, future-proof solutions.

Panel construction and assembly

Your systems are assembled with a great eye for detail by our qualified professionals. By also involving the engineering team in the construction process, we ensure that no insight is lost.


Vision engineers, PLC programmers, .NET developers: Cellro has all the knowledge to develop the perfect software application for your business needs.

Project management

Our experienced project managers are driven professionals. Their greatest sport is ensuring that your project is realized on time and within budget.


Do you have questions about an existing installation? Our service team will be happy to help you! Thanks to our widely branched dealer network, we can support you quickly and effectively.

Robot programming

Robot programming is one of Cellro’s core competencies. From the reprogramming of robot cells to the automatic measurement of machine locations, our robot programmers ensure that your application comes to life.

Cellro Medical: your knowledge partner in the medical industry

With 15 years of experience in production automation for the manufacturing industry, we know how to support you in optimizing your production process. Our vision on automated product handling ensures flexible and future-proof solutions for your specific situation. Are you interested? Then contact us today!

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Jan Paul van Veenendaal

Attracted by our unique combination of domain knowledge and innovative power, more and more medical companies are finding us. Wondering what we can do for your company? Then don’t hesitate and contact us today!

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