Welcome to our
jobs page.

We are always looking for talent!

Welcome to our
jobs page.

We are always looking for talent!

About Cellro

Discover how new technology is changing the world of metalworking companies. Discover it – and contribute to it. Help entrepreneurs create a dynamic machine park. The secret? Our smart robot cells, which enable turning and milling machines to perform complex jobs unmanned. Robot cells that we develop, build and continuously improve and innovate together at Cellro. This is work for people with ideas. Professionals who want to build leading solutions.

What is your strength? Contribute to the development of the inventive hardware of our robotic cells. Take the electronics to the next level. Make the software even smarter. Invent and develop – or build and realize. Feel the team spirit at Cellro and experience our common drive. We are Cellro. With revolutionary technology, we bring movement and progress to machining companies worldwide. Let your future start today. Cellro. Think ahead.

Working at Cellro

Working at an A-brand

Look at the smart functionality of our robotic cells. Check the high-quality components we use. Test the design and implementation of our ideas. And you’ll see. We go for the best. As long as it can be improved, it is not finished. Do you recognize that A-brand mentality? Do you go for innovative, robust and excellent? Welcome. Go ahead.

Be yourself

You are a professional. But fortunately also a human being. And that’s how we treat each other. Perhaps because we are a family business. Perhaps because we believe that there is more to life than work. But mainly because personal connection and informal contact make teamwork more beautiful.

Join us in building our ambition

There is still a world to be won for Cellro. Such development potential. Such market potential. So much future innovation and improvement. Then try not to grow at Cellro. Try standing still. You can count on us to accelerate your personal development. The secret? No compelling goals, but inspiring ambitions. Join us!

Innovation as a core competence

Innovate. That’s what we love. Creating something that is new. From small optimization to large-scale development. For us it’s not a hobby, but a core competence. The market expects it of us – and we of ourselves. We have plenty of ideas. Yours can still be added. And pragmatic as we are, we don’t just leave it at ideas. If we believe in it, we do it.

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“Right now I am working on the further development of Ultimate; the largest product we have.”

Frank van Lindenberg

Mechanical Engineer