The ultimate lineup

in standardized CNC automation.

"Our people can now focus on work that requires knowledge."

"Our people can now focus on work that requires knowledge."

Your next step in CNC Automation

The most versatile lineup

in standardized CNC automation.

Think ahead

Our vision for the future is the understanding that machining companies must always innovate to remain relevant. Enabling innovation for customers and for ourselves is what drives us.

We see innovation in automation and digitization of the machining industry, through new forms of business management and acceleration and optimization by using technological resources. Innovation is not temporary but a continuous step of improving, connecting and retaining. This is our promise to you.

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1 m²
8 kg
Are you looking for a step-up to get acquainted with robotization? With Comate you start easily for...
Discover Comate


19 m²
70 kg
With Xcelerate, you handle manageable parts, in small series flexibly and automatically one after the other. Great...
Discover Xcelerate


25 m²
165 kg
Elevate offers extremely high storage capacity for large series or a mix of several small series. Digitisation...
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50 m²
360 kg
Handling heavy products with a focus on pallet handling? Ultimate can be used excellently in the mix...
Discover Ultimate

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