Training en Demonstratie bij Cellro

Installation and Training

What can you, the customer, expect from installation and training by Cellro when you invest in one of our
standard products?

System Duration of installation
C-Mate 1 week
Xcelerate 10, X15 and X20 1 week
Xcelerate X35 and X60 2 weeks
Elevate 3 weeks
Ultimate 3 to 4 weeks

What is the procedure from purchase to training on the installed

If one of the systems mentioned above is purchased from Cellro, our procedure is as follows. The seller transfers the purchased system to operations and to a project manager. The project manager contacts the customer to make the final arrangements. The sales volume is checked and verified again, and the planning is coordinated.

The project manager (PM) is the liaison between the customer and Cellro’s operational team. The PM’s task is to carry out the project on schedule, to best efforts, and to unburden the customer. This is important because a customer often doesn’t know what to expect.


Each robot automation delivered by Cellro comes with a training course given in two parts at the customer’s premises.

The first part concerns training for the robot used by Cellro – how should the robot be moved by hand (teach pendant)? It is essential to know this for when the robot has to be repaired after an interruption due to an emergency stop or a power failure, for example.

Part two is specific training for the robot automation for the selected system. Think of product configurations (which products and how many), the inlays, which cycles have to be run – for example centring/turning, blow cleaning – and so on.

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