Is Xcelerate suitable for 24/7 production?
Many compact automation systems offer little storage capacity, making them unsuitable for 24/7 production. Not in the case of Xcelerate. Its motorized drawers open so fluently that workpieces of diverse sizes and shapes can be stacked together in our... Read more
How do I set up production with Xcelerate?
Xcelerate offers easy-to- use controls, enabled by dialogue control. Your own personnel can set up entire production programmes after a 1-day training. No expert needed. Read more
Do I maintain access to my machine?
Yes, unlike enclosed automation cells, Xcelerate preserves full access to your machine. Your staff can keep a close eye on the production process. Read more
Does Xcelerate handle pallets as well?
Yes, Xcelerate is capable of handling both products and pallets. Read more
How much floor space does Xcelerate require?
Xcelerate doesn’t need a lot of floor space to do its job; 0.9 m 2 (X10) and 1.4 m 2 (X20-X35). Its tall build and sturdy three-point frame provide a compact yet rock-solid construction. Also, you don’t have to... Read more
Can I move my Xcelerate for a job at another machine?
Yes, because the entire cell is built within a single frame with no loose components, it offers the valuable benefit of mobility. The entire system can be moved for a job at another machine in less than 10 minutes. Read more
How does Xcelerate increase my profits?
Xcelerate increases your profits in three ways: by raising hourly production, minimizing personnel wages and enabling you to produce around the clock instead of just 8 hours per day. Xcelerate earns itself back 1.5 to 2 times faster than... Read more
Do I have to contact Cellro for every new product I want to program/introduce?
No, that is certainly not necessary! Our user-friendly software will ask you what your product looks like and what to do with it. The software does the rest. Therefore, no robot knowledge is required. Wondering how simple that really... Read more
Can the Cellro automation cell be programmed in the same way as the CNC machine?
No, configuring an automation workflow does not require a line of code. When it comes to CNC programming, we can speak of highly specialized knowledge. In robot programming, even that specialism is in our software. At Cellro, we don’t... Read more
How do I program a new product into the software?
Configuring a new product is easy with a wizard structure. This means that we obtain information step by step via simple screens, such as the dimensions of the raw material, the dimensions after each operation, how the product should... Read more
Can single pieces/very small series be placed in the same inlay?
Yes, it is certainly possible to load material for different jobs on one inlay. Even different types of material on one inlay is no problem. This way, you can still make optimal use of the available storage capacity for... Read more
Can I remove a processed product with the same fingers?
Yes, this is possible. In the case of a single gripper, this is of course the only possibility, because only one set of fingers is mounted on it. In the case of a double gripper, the same fingers can... Read more