Safety & service

To ensure the availability and safety of your robot cell, Cellro Automation has a service department with its own specialists broadly trained in their field of expertise. With this team, we are on standby every working day to provide our customers with prompt and adequate support.

Our service department is designed to provide support in multiple areas: setting up your robot cell, performing corrective and/or preventive maintenance, remedying unexpected shutdowns, making changes to your robot cell and delivering spare parts.

Many malfunction reports are resolved by our service team by means of our online remote connection. This is done through an internet connection between Cellro and a modem configured in your robot cell. In this way, we can remotely assess the status of a robot cell and support you in resolving a malfunction or changing/modifying the software. This is a quick way to provide support. If it turns out that a malfunction cannot be resolved using the remote connection, a follow-up action is scheduled in consultation with the customer.

Guaranteed availability of parts is an essential prerequisite to ensure the operational availability of an installation. On request, we can compile a list of spare parts specifically aimed at the use of a robot cell. Using this list, the customer can choose whether or not to have certain critical components in stock.

Our customers have invested in Cellro’s automation solution to retain and strengthen their competitive position on the market. The goal of our service department, therefore, is not only to help the customer retain this position, but also strengthen it wherever possible.

We look forward to working with you.

If you have any questions or would like to report a malfunction, call us on +31 (0)318 62 71 00. You can also send an e-mail to

We will contact you within one working day.