White paper: Controls platform for universal handling systems

Software is everywhere. Gadgets we use every day, the production systems that make these gadgets – everything is controlled by software. When we talk about production systems and the automation of production systems, we are talking about the field of industrial automation.

Software: a serious consideration when buying new automation

One of the goals of this whitepaper is to put industrial software in the spotlight. In recent years, this software has become the most important component of many automation solutions. It has a major impact on usability, quality, reliability, and efficiency. This whitepaper aims to create awareness about the complexity of production systems. It argues that software ought to be a key factor when considering purchasing a new automation solution.

The solution to a complex control problem

This whitepaper zooms in on a fairly complex control problem: a design for a universal handing system. Instead of a focusing on a particular design for one specific application, this paper focuses on a design that can be used for a wide range of applications. For system integrators this is an important tool when customers have different control requirements. The presentation focuses on principles and methodologies, making it understandable even if you are not familiar with software.

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