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Automating a Hurco

Hurco is an American brand whose range includes 3-axle and 5-axle milling machines and turning centres. Suppliers in various industries often make use of Hurco equipment, from agriculture to the automotive sector. Hurco machines are mainly used with materials such as plastic or aluminium that are relatively easy to process. Cellro usually uses Xcelerate to automate CNC machines like those from Hurco. Xcelerate is compact, flexible, and offers enough storage capacity for batches of different sizes.

Paying off quickly

Investing in Xcelerate pays off quickly, making it worth the effort! Xcelerate allows you to use the full capacity of your Hurco machine. Whether you produce a few thousand copies of a product every month or you mainly want to automate smaller batches, Xcelerate makes it possible. Of course, to what extent automation will be worth it depends on your process and the product you’re making. Factors such as quantities, runtime and the product’s end price also have an impact.

Automating various batch sizes

We definitely recommend automating your Hurco if you are working on large or long-term batches of the same product. In cases like these, schedule batches with short runtimes or small numbers of products during the daytime. The flexibility offered by Xcelerate lets you switch between different small batches and products easily. Set up your Xcelerate and Hurco machine for the next batch between runs. Make sure to start the batch with the longest runtime at the end of the working day to maximise the number of extra production hours you can get from your Hurco.

Easy coupling

Both older and more recent Hurco machines work with an I/O interface. Newer machines can be prepared for automation, making coupling easy. Existing Hurco machines can also be automated, but they must have been made suitable during assembly. If you’re thinking about automating an existing Hurco, get in touch with Cellro to discuss your options.

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