Automating a Leistritz

Do you want to use your Leistritz even more efficiently? This is possible with Cellro’s automation solutions! Leistritz from Germany, founded in 1904, specialises in CNC machines for the final processing of a product. Think, for example, of milling keyways in a gear or the application of milling the teeth of your worm gear. Leistritz machines are therefore very precise. The CNC machines can be used for a wide range of applications in all areas relating to drives. For this reason, you can find them everywhere: from the packaging industry to the agricultural sector.

The link between Xcelerate and Leistritz

Cellro has already automated several Leistritz machines. These are the grooving by pulling machines and worm wheel milling machines.  Xcelerate is a good match with these machines. The link between Leistritz machines and Xcelerate is therefore simple. The big advantage of Xcelerate is that options can be added. Our German customer Koch Pac-Systeme already benefits from this possibility. Koch’s worm wheels needs to be greased in advance. Cellro has added this into the automated production process. The worm wheels are now greased fully automatically by Xcelerate.

Cellro robotcells: endless possibilities

Cellro offers customized automation solutions. Do you need extra steps in your production process, like Koch Pack systems? Or multiple products to be processed in one run? Xcelerate and other Cellro robotcells can easily switch between different operations and product types. Cellro’s software makes it possible to add new options at any time. Current users are very pleased with this flexibility. After all, every production process is unique. Because of the endless possibilities of Cellro, you will always get the most out of your automation.

This brand is most suitable for Xcelerate, but we like to keep the option open for other products.

Also want to automate your Leistritz? We are happy to give personal advice!

Cellro automates among others these CNC machines:

They already opt for Cellro's robot loading systems: